AI Time attendance System

AI-Powered Attendance Software, Simplifying HR's Tasks

The AI attendance system provides numerous advantages that greatly improve conventional attendance tracking approaches.
Time Tracking Made Easy

Simplify Employee Time Tracking

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    Easy To Use

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    Centralized Employee Database

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    Shift Schedule Flexibility

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    Leave/Time off Management

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    Reports and Analytics

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    Payroll export Capabilities

What you can do with CheckTime

Boost your productivity and get rid of repetitive manual work - like Make Time Sheets from Punch Cards, Our System Easily integrate With you Favorit Payroll

Data Collection With Biometric Software

Data Collecting With Biometric Devices Prevent Buddy Punching

Attendance Systems data collection Biometric devices record employee time, monitor productivity, control access, ring bells, and provide generic data collection for a multitude of industries including agribusiness, healthcare, manufacturing, retail

Automatic Rotating Shift Schedules Flexibility 365 Days

Shift scheduling is a very important factor for any organization to optimize resources & team. It ensures that the right combination of staff and supervisors are working at one time resulting in the highest standard of service/to maximize the output.

Employee Leave Application

Automates The Leave Request Process, Making It Hassle-Free

A leave management system is an all-in-one platform that handles all employee vacation requests while ensuring smooth functioning of their operations. Here’s what a robust leave management software does for you

Time attendance System

Easy to use interface

The Dashboard module of our Check Time Software seamlessly consolidates data from various modules, offering a cohesive and intuitive display. With its sleek and user-friendly interface, managing your data becomes both effortless and efficient.

checktime Employee Data Management

Employee Data Management

The Personal Information Management feature within our system serves as a centralized employee database, empowering you to effortlessly store, manage, and utilize all facets of your employees' information.

check time Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Our Reporting Solutions provide a comprehensive array of reports covering various aspects such as work-time, absences, leaves, tardiness, early departures, and overtime. These reports are customizable for individual employees and can be easily printed as needed.

AI-powered Attendance System: Intelligent Attendance Marking

An AI Attendance System is a tech solution using AI for streamlined attendance tracking. It employs facial recognition, biometric ID, and auto tracking of working hours. By analyzing employee data, it automates attendance, offers insights for workforce management, and enables HR to perform tasks with fewer errors and enhanced efficiency.

Easy To Use

Centralized Employee Database

Leave/Time off Management

Payroll export Capabilities


AI enhances attendance management by enabling real-time tracking, eliminating manual data entry, and reducing administrative tasks. This boosts efficiency and accuracy, preventing employee overpayment or underpayment by ensuring fair compensation based on actual working hours or days.


Maintaining accuracy in attendance tracking poses a challenge for employers, consuming valuable time. Cloud-based AI attendance management systems offer real-time employee data, incorporating features such as facial recognition and biometric identification to ensure precise verification, minimizing errors and the risk of buddy punching.

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